Your stucco or plastering project can be made easier and faster with the right tools. Mortar Sprayer manufactures several different mortar sprayers to cover the wide variety of needs in the world of stucco application & Concrete artistry. If you want to save time, money, and labor, use our stucco and plastering tools. is the only supplier Coastal Rock Productions relies on for quality tools and superior customer service.

​Hello and welcome to Creative Concrete Concepts!!!
       We are a decorative concrete company that specializes in all aspects of concrete. Everything from stamped concrete to concrete countertops and hand carved vertical concrete. Our "Stamped Concrete Division" handles everything from old concrete removal, pouring and stamping new concrete, acid and water based stains, concrete dyes, concrete stenciling, engraving and sealing. If you already have a stamped concrete pad and are not happy with it, we can remove old sealer and recolor the existing concrete to your liking and then apply the correct sealer for you. We also offer concrete overlays as well that can be stamped, stained or broom finished. Our "Stamped Concrete Division" offers the best materials for any application of decorative concrete. 
        Our "Concrete Countertop Division" offers a wide array of counters that will surely turn some heads and have people talking. The misconception that concrete is cheap, to heavy and prone to cracking is very misleading. When concrete countertops are done correctly, they are stronger than granite, will not crack and highly stain resistant. Concrete countertops can be poured on site or can be precast in our shop. They come in a wide variety of integral colors, stains, dyes, inlays, can be cast with glass and two sided broken mirror glass and can even be stamped. We also offer a wide variety of concrete sinks and custom made sinks. There is also a wide selection of sealers such as epoxies, urethane and acrylic based sealers specially formulated to fit your needs. Every countertop that we make is a one of a kind piece and can never be duplicated. 

        Vertical Hand Carved Concrete truly is artistic in every since of the word, "Hand Carved"!!! The lead artist and owner of Creative Concrete Concepts, Chris Lloyd Jr, does every bit of carving himself. His ability to replicate stones in there natural state definitely sets him apart. His ability to create natural fissures and cracks along with lichens and mold spores makes him a highly sought after artist for zoo's and natural exhibits. Chris is also a sculptor and sculpts trees and root systems for exhibits to mimic nature for animals in there own habitat. Every piece that Chris creates is also hand painted using different paints and stains with airbrushes and hand held brushes.

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